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Your donation helps us strengthen the mental health of the younger generation.

  • by 50 %

    our prevention program YAM reduces suicide attempts and pronounced suicidal ideation.

  • by 30 %

    our prevention program YAM reduces new cases of depression.

  • With a donation of 50 EUR

    we can reach one pupil with our program YAM.

For 50 EUR we can reach one of currently 700,000 to 750,000 pupils per year in Germany with our prevention program Youth Aware of Mental Health, short YAM. Scientific studies have shown that YAM reduces suicide attempts by 50% and new cases of depression by 30%. To offer YAM to all students in a year, we would need at least 35 million EUR annually. If we want to reach only 10% of all students in a grade, we need at least 3.5 million EUR per year.
Every donation helps us to get closer to this goal. Every cent supports us.


This is how you can donate:


Via our donation account:
MHI Mental Health Initiative gGmbH
IBAN: DE80 4306 0967 1096 5578 00
GLS Bank


Via the platform betterplace.


Via our online donation form from betterplace (see below). 


How do I get a donation receipt?
Donations up to 300 EUR can be submitted to the tax office without an official donation receipt with the deposit slip of the bank transfer.
For donations over 300 EUR you need a donation receipt from us, if you submit the donation to the tax office. For donations over 300 EUR you need a donation receipt from us if you want to claim the donation at the tax office. For this we need your full name and address. Please send us an e-mail for this purpose.

Jetzt Spenden für „600 LEBEN: Prävention von Suiziden bei Jugendlichen“ bei unserem Partner betterplace.org